App For Change

Building resilient tech for communities

This is a initiative by a handful of startups who have pledged time and resources to help distressed communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Projects Contribute


Apps we are working on

The App serves global COVID-19 stats, news and updates from WHO. It is due to be released soon. Stay Informed. Stay Safe.


The App is aimed at helping citizens get access to esseential goods and services through deliveries that uses out-of-work gig workers. It is in early stages of development for SEA.


Dawa links up local pharmacies with citizens and auto-allocates time slots for prescription filling and deliveries to ensure minimal crowding. We are scoping this project for India.


How can you help


Developers with specific skillsets can join forces with us to help accelerate the rollout of the Apps.

We are using Dart to build most of our RESTful services used by the Apps.


Our Apps primarily use Flutter as the UI Toolkit.


Most of the Data and files are managed on Firebase.


We are using TypeScript to scrape Data, build Firebase cloud functions and as a glue between external services and the Apps.


UI/UX designers versed with specific Software Skills
Abobe XD

For creating Interaction design for the Apps.

Abobe Photoshop

For creating Infographics and other media materials.

Abobe Illustrator

For creating Iconsets for the Apps.


User onboarding and Suppport

Various stakeholders will need to be trained when/before the Apps go live.
Volunteers who are able to train stakeholders how to use the Apps will be of great importance.



Current Contributors




Community liaison for Africa based projects.




Suggest Apps for your Community
What will we build

We are looking for ideas that can help citizens or businesses fare better during lockdown or quarantines. Ideas specific to local communities that can be implemented with the least amount of overheads but can create immediate impact.

What we won't consider

Ideas that has limited impact on the community will not be considered.
Ideas must be legally allowed by the laws of the country/state.
Ideas must be ethical.
Ideas shouldn't be based on unfounded claims.

How are ideas chosen

While we would like to consider all ideas based on their merits, but we have limited resources. A lot of the ideas that we decide to work on will depend on our teams' limitations. Having said that, we will carefully review as many idea as we can.

By submitting your idea, you are agreeing to us contacting you to discuss the idea if the need arises.